So who are the brave and hardy footsoldiers willing to walk 150 miles in just seven days in order to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association? Lets have a look at the in more details here.

Tim Haley- Timbo (Age 47)

The mastermind behind the 150MND concept, Timbo has been part voluntarily, as-well as bullied and cajoled into expanding his original commitment of a charity stroll along the Medway into the 150-mile challenge. This individual whose generosity and commitment to others is significantly larger than his stature has taken the lead in planning and co-ordinating this event.

DA (Age 59)

With the other originators of the Team concept being rank walking amateurs, stumbling around in the dark, DA willingly joined the group to add an element of walking professionalism. Previously DA has walked from John O’Groats to lands End in 30 days, from west to east UK in 6 days, to Everest base camp and for some reason unknown to those of sane mind, from Tonbridge to Bath to watch a football match. These are only a tiny example of the charity events that DA has staged over the years to raise significant funds.

Ben Quarendon – Turkish (age: 55)

Our resident expert in burnt clay pattern making (he’s a bricklayer), walking has really taken Turkish out of his comfort zone as evidenced by his most recent comment “ do you really think I’d have signed up to walk this crazy distance if it wasn’t for my love of Rob” Outside of work and walking, Turkish’s first and second love, certainly in no particular order are Golf and his 3 daughters. Even though this is Turkish’s first long distance challenge, the other walkers will be relying on Turkish our resident joker to alleviate the pain of the journey with his continuous humour.

Brad Leek- Bradders (Age 61)

Hyperactive and hypochondriac Bradders is currently the elder statesmen of the group and prized for his organisational abilities. Our resident ex-pat but frequent visitor to Tonbridge Bradders is based on the Isle of Wight and is leading the second part of the challenge, Bradders is currently expending significant effort deciding whether to walk clockwise or anti-clockwise around the Island (whatever is shortest).

Kevin Sayers- Lofty (Age 54)

Usually seen on 2 wheels rather than 2 feet, lofty will find this walk significantly harder than the rest, with it being his first such venture and due to his reduced stride distance. It’s debatable as to whether his comedic value added to that of Turkish’s will alleviate the pain of the challenge or significantly add to it.

Daniel Lee Jack Steele (Age 26)

The youngest Son of Robert Steele, not a natural sporty person but he is doing this for his Dad. Definitely, the most accident prone in Team150 earning the name Mr. Bean. Cracks in the road, wastepaper cups and discarded chewing gum are all hazards enroute for Dan. He has completed a Ben Nevis trek in difficult circumstances and is fired up with determination.

Luke Pattenden (Age 23)

The youngest in Team150, fantastic Golfer beating all of the other team members on a regular basis, also a whizz on the pool table, not so good at shove ha’penny – do not bet against him though ! As for walking 150 miles, we have no idea how he will get on with this his first big challenge but he is so determined and competitive, we repeat – do not bet against him.

The Support Network

There have also been behind the scenes workers who have offered their time in various ways to allow this incredible journey to have its best chance of succeeding.

Martin “The Major” Brennan – Head of support. Martin will be donating his time to drive the support truck carrying supplies, medical kits, food and water and other essential items.

Lisa Brennan – Head of Social Media – Lisa will ensure that the groups activities are constantly updated on X/Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can follow the team by click on the relevant Social Media Icon at the top of the page.

Neil Mitchell – Website build and maintenance.

Chris Owen – Joint Head of Sponsorship and Promotions.

Dave Keen – Joint Head of Sponsorship and Promotions.

Charlotte Stuart – Head of Admininstration.