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Our Story – continues..

Thanks to the incredible achievements of Kevin Sinfield and Bravery of Rob Burrow, Doddie Weir and many others, the general public are much more aware or at least heard of this awful Terminal Illness with no known Cure .

Sadly, a close friend within our local community (Rob Steele) was diagnosed with MND last year. A group of friends came together (Team: 150MND) to organise an event to raise even more awareness and funds for the on-going research, Most of Team: 150MND are the Participants in the challenge, supported by other helpers and assistants.

Team: 150MND wanted a challenge to raise even more money and awareness for MND, we came up with this idea over a pint in the local George & Dragon Pub, Tonbridge.

It is a gruelling challenge for any Fit Sportsman to walk 150 miles in 7 days and Team: 150MND are mainly “Novice Walkers” but we will train and have no end of determination to see it through and make it happen for Rob and MND research. This is not our first challenge or fundraiser, between us and individually, we have raised many thousands for worthy causes. Likewise, with our close friend Rob suffering MND and with huge admiration and inspiration from Kevin Sinfield, we held a local event in August 2023 and raised just short of 80k in one night. It was a tremendous effort from local people, we donated all the proceeds to the MNDA and My Name’5 Doddie Weir Foundation (the two Main Charities).

As a follow-up to this success, we wanted to do something more challenging for the same cause and raise even more money for the charities, the team have organised the:-



The plan for this second challenge, is to walk 150 miles in 7 continuous days, starting from Twickenham RFU Stadium to Southampton and then around the Isle of Wight coastline. This will commence on 14th May and complete 20th May 2024

We are again supporting the same two main charities, the MNDA and My Name’5 Doddie Weir Foundation.

They do amazing work and offer comfort, support and help for people suffering with MND and fund vital research with their aim of finding the cause and develop a cure. Check out their work and achievements on their websites, click the logos above to visit the sites.